Written by Crileidy Liriano, Senior Editor

It’s difficult to believe that 2016 is coming to an end in just a few short weeks. But it’s exciting as New Year’s always give us the feeling and opportunity of new and fresh beginnings. It’s almost been a year since Love Is Moving (LIM) magazine began being printed by its publisher The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC). It’s only by God’s grace, favour and generosity, and with the help of volunteers from across Canada that it has gone so well. It is our readers that make it successful.

Since LIM began its printed journey, hundreds of copies have been distributed at teen conferences, youth leader summits, churches in all of Canada, and to the home of subscribers of Faith Today who receive a free copy of LIM. We have had many responses from adults who receive their regular subscription of Faith Today and bless a younger person in their life with the free copy of LIM. Because of hard copies getting into the hands of hundreds of youth and young adults in all of Canada and internationally, many young people have e-mailed us to tell us they have been inspired by an article. Others have expressed interest in contributing to the magazine by writing or submitting photography, art pieces, and other creative ideas.

LIM and the EFC are committed to connecting with and inspiring young people to live out God’s love and express their God-given talents and abilities. We have developed a new way that students can consistently receive a copy of LIM in the mail. All full-time students can receive an annual subscription to LIM for $11.99. If you are interested in subscribing, visit faithtoday.ca/subscriptions or send us an e-mail at info@loveismoving.ca for more information. If you or you know someone who would like bulk copies of LIM for a youth group or event, they are available at $1.00 per copy of orders of 25 copies or more.

If you love to write, draw, or have any other artistic ability, or know someone who does and is between the ages of 15-25, we are always looking for individuals to contribute to the magazine. You can e-mail us at Crileidy@loveismoving.ca. We hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Crileidy Liriano
Senior Editor