Written by Ilana Reimer

When we think of who we are, it’s often a mixed bag of what we do and who we know. Our personalities are revealed by how we act and react to others.

There is great beauty in these connections. God created human relationships to help us relate to Him, love each other better, and understand ourselves more fully. But now, we’ve had to keep these parts of our identities at a two-metre distance.

During quarantine, I’m sure many of us have experienced moments of exposure where we question who we are without activities or friendships to hide behind.

Yet, the wonder of the Christian life is this: we are glorious simply because the Creator of everything made us in His image.

Even though our desires are often upside down and inside out, He is the one we were made to want. The aching cry for this divine communion resonates through the pages of Issue 40.

Paulina Hoffmann reminds us our relationships with God begin now and are carried on in heaven. Ryan Campese describes how his longings were met in Jesus alone in an intimate, beautiful encounter with Christ in his workshop. Andrew Russell’s powerful call to prayer invites us to look beyond our current situation to remember who the God we serve truly is.

I hope the tools, insights, and perspectives offered in this issue bring you encouragement and refreshment. These stories express the reality we all know: talking to someone we cannot fully see or comprehend isn’t easy.

Not every day is a spiritual high. But even if half the time we have to wrestle our wills to the ground to pray, our Father is unchanging. And, most remarkably of all, He wants to be with us.