Written by Dagmar Morgan of Toronto, ON

The “millennial move” back home is becoming a new reality for many. The current economy is not making it easy for young people (and let’s face it, even older people) to succeed financially as a solo act.

I’m sure many are relieved to know they can head back home to their comfy bedrooms and the much-needed money to help send them into a better future.

From residence to your old room doesn’t seem like a far commute. After all, it is your home, right?

But what if moving home means moving there for the first time?

As a child of divorced parents, I always lived with my mom and only saw my dad on weekends and holidays. So when my little speed bump to success came, I had to move “back home” to live in a house with a man I had never lived with before.

I wasn’t exactly jumping with happiness at the prospect. Feeling like a total failure, I cried for days.

My whole life I was told, “You are exactly like your father.” We had never been forced to test the theory, but here we were.

Like many dads, he had his way of doing things and had no problem letting me know it. At times I felt horrible about what seemed like a list of stuff I couldn’t do right, but other times I felt safe, supported and loved.

I started to notice little things he would do for me. When it dumped snow, he dug a trench to my car and warmed it up. At the store I saw the strawberry milk we bought when I was a kid, and the next day it was in the fridge. Winter tires on my car, my oil changed, and washer fluid filled.

These little things softened me; I started to see he was not criticizing but instructing me. He was going to father me while I was there, grown or not. My whole life I wanted this, and now I got it. But it required me to submit, and I will officially put in print that my dad was right, a lot.

Does this sound familiar?

In need, I reached out, my father responded. He offered help and grace. But it required me to let him do it – unlike when we are spiritually lost. In my case turning toward Him (God) and him (my father) took a massive failure, it turned it into healing, help with the future and relationships.

Our God is big enough to see our needs even when we don’t. We must trust and submit to Him in order to heal. For me, it was letting go and moving home. What is it for you?