Written by Mireille Pruneau 

 For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved music. I grew up in a God-loving family who listened to music every chance we got. In fact, we had a humongous DIY sound system—thanks to my father—and a turntable in the main room, a small radio/cassette in the bathroom, another big sound system downstairs, and I had my own little tape recorder and Sony Walkman Sport in my own bedroom. Did I just reveal my age? Needless to say, music was everywhere. 

We attended a church in a small city in the province of Québec. We had Sunday school with its own worship service. At an early age, I realized that I could connect with God through music. It’s as if I could clearly hear from Him and speak to Him. 

Having been raised in a French-speaking family, the choice of French God-centered songs was very limited. So, as a teenager I turned to English music and I still remember the first time I heard Flood by Jars of Clay and Jesus Freak by DC Talk. I had to use a French/English dictionary to understand what they were singing about—no Google Translate. I was amazed by the fact that they were Christian bands on mainstream radio. It gave me courage to strongly affirm my faith as a teenager. 

My mother’s guitar was always in the storage room. Finally, when I turned 14, I grabbed the guitar and started learning chords from a small worship booklet that contained a chord chart and a few worship songs. That’s how I learned how to play “Amazing Grace” in French. Shortly after that, I started writing and I soon started combining words and chords together. 

When I moved out of the family home to continue my studies, I chose an English institution in order to learn the language better. I then started writing and singing in English. It wasn’t long before I got involved in musical worship in small groups and eventually in a local church. I always kept writing.  

 All of this brings me to the present—I am living my story with God, and I love putting it into music. All of my experiences, my questions, my thoughts, my doubts and my assurances become reasons to write.  

One day, I randomly ran into a high school friend I had not seen in years at the gym. She started telling me about a car accident she had just had and how she was battling physically to recover but also emotionally, as she was struggling with depression. I went home that day and wrote “Feel the Sunshine.” It could also be read “Feel the Son Shine,” an encouragement to turn to Him in times of despair. This song was placed in the Top 10 of Canadian Christian Songs in June and July 2013. It was also nominated at the Covenant Awards / GMA Canada that same year. 

 There is a devotional book by Oswald Chambers that I really like; one entry was about God’s grace. It led me to write “Graciously Uncertain.” This song is about being uncertain about many things in life, but finding reassurance in knowing that Jesus already won and that He is our reward. So we graciously navigate the uncertainties of life. 

 On my latest album, the song “Like No Other” is an ode to how my mom raised me in the ways of Christ. She read my sister and me Bible stories every day and prayed with me at night. Being a mother made me reflect on how I was brought up and about how I want to bring up my children. 

 In the Bible, Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This is what prompted “With You.” For me, it is such an important promise from God. We can overcome anything with Him. I believe we have to be reminded on a regular basis! The French version, “Avec Toi,” was also nominated at the Covenant Awards / GMA Canada 2018. 

 I write music in order to offer encouragement to anyone who might need it along their journey, no matter where they are. My songs speak about my journey and of those around me. Hopefully, my songs will make you wonder, ponder, question, admire and dwell on the One who died for us all because of His love for us.