Written by Andy Gabruch

COVID-19 is changing the way we will live, lead, and love. And, we don’t know all the change COVID will create yet, simply because we are still in the middle of it. With all the new normals you and I are experiencing, there will be trends beyond beyond C-19. Here is what I see in leadership:

Online engagement is here to stay.

Being online and engaging online is totally different. As leaders, we need to learn how to engage, not just be present in the digital world. This means, we need to have a philosophy of technology. A strategic plan. A theology of technology. Do you have one?

Clergy will need side-gigs.

This has been a trend before COVID but I think it will be heightened afterwards. In my experience, most of the non-profit organizations I am connected with have hit a 40-50 per cent drop in donations. If this is true, and the trend continues, clergy will need to be creative in raising and making money on the side.

Relational discipleship will grow.

Programmed discipleship is decreasing. Intentional mentoring, gospel coaches, life-based, vocation-focused discipleship will be the stream for people. People are not craving content as much as contact. Discipleship needs to be about helping people thrive in their spiritual journey in everyday life, not just in a class or course.

Collaborative leadership through facilitated conversations.

Last, we are all in unchartered territory. Due to this, healthy leaders provide collaboration through facilitated conversations. Leaders need to have the ability to foster healthy and guided conversation towards collective wisdom, shared resources, and empowerment for one another. This is what good leaders need to do during/after COVID.

Leadership is changing, morphing, and becoming more contextualized in our culture. DUCO Leadership exists to provide insights, coaching, and resources for leaders in today’s ever-changing world. What changes or trends do you see? Add to the conversation at www.andygabruch.com.

This article originally appeared on Andy’s website and is republished with permission.