Because of Grácia is a stellar movie by a Christian Canadian filmmaker named Tom Simes. The movie follows the intersecting paths of a group of high school seniors as they face life-altering decisions and navigate faith, friendship, and love.

As Richard Smith, a writer for “The Christian Film Review”, says: “This is an exceptional pro-life teen drama that isn’t afraid to tackle difficult daily issues that teenagers face today. It is inspiring, entertaining, humorous and a not to be missed film.”

The movie carries a 12+ Dove Seal, as it engages in a frank discussion about sex and abortion. It is a well-produced film, that speaks of God-given strength for difficult choices, and of forgiveness offered in wake of brokenness.

After a theatrical release in cinemas across the USA, the movie event that teens, young adults, parents, pastors and teachers are raving about is now available to churches, schools and ministry organizations in Canada. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is encouraging churches and other groups to host screenings of the new film Because of Grácia to spark biblical conversions about dating, navigating relationships and speaking up for your faith.

Because of Grácia is a “must-see film” for youth groups, churches and schools, says Joel Gordon, creative director for the EFC. He commends its strong production value, compelling story and thought-provoking companion study guide.

The film has already won numerous film festival awards and received the Dove Seal of Approval for ages 12+. The EFC is now inviting Canadian churches and ministry affiliates to host ticketed screening events of the film. “Hosting a movie screening is simple,” explains Gordon. “Beyond ticket sales, there is no extra cost to the host, and a DVD and promotional material are sent directly to the screening organizers.”

Hosting a screening creates an opportunity to unearth biblical perspectives and to spark conversations with youth, young adults, parents and church leaders about timely issues facing teens in Canada today.

The film aims to fuel a movement among young people towards healthy dating relationships, support for those who face unplanned pregnancies and freedom to voice one’s faith.

The actors who star in the movie — Moriah (Peters) Smallbone, Chris Massoglia and Ben Davies — understand the pressures, struggles and tough choices of being a teenager and their lived experiences shine through in their performances.

If your church chooses to join the tour schedule, the EFC will list your screening on a community calendar and help create awareness for all screening events across Canada.

Use the QR code scanner in the Love Is Moving app (now on the Apple Store and Google Play) to watch a video dedicated to you from the lead actor, Chris Massoglia.

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