Written by Andrew Russell

We’re in a global pandemic and everyone is feeling worried and afraid
I’m looking out my window seeing empty streets as I pray
We’re told that all our close friends need to stay far away
So, we stay huddled in our homes praying this virus away

I’m tired of watching press conferences about the latest restrictions
Seems like watching them has become my strongest addiction
Yet to keep everyone safe we know we need to listen
This feels like a war, an impossible mission

Listen, right now our world is gripped by fear
Drawing our curtains and videochatting with peers
But is it possible that in this chaos God is drawing near?

I see this pandemic as a golden opportunity
A time where the church changes how we even do community
And even though we are self-isolated we still have unity
Even though our physical bodies are struggling with immunity

COVID-19 has us all running for safety looking for shelter
I’m reading Psalm 91 daily reminded to run to my real shelter
I’m resting under His wings and His praises I sing
But honestly, every day feels like a battle in the middle of the ring

Sickness is in the air—it’s true, it’s even found on our palms
Healing is found in His wounds and the powerful words of Psalms
They say carry on and try to stay calm
I say He carried the cross, so because of that I remain strong

He is in total control reigning from His eternal throne
Saving our place in our eternal home
See brothers and sisters, He never leaves us alone
Immanuel, He is with us, even in the quarantine zones

So, fear can stay far away from our homes
Loneliness can find a different place to roam
Depression and frustration can’t make me feel alone
I am falling to my knees in worship and praising Him alone

This is the time my friends for the seeds of revival to grow
A time for a hurried people to lay low and live slow
A time to fall into His arms and for His children to grow close
A time to lift up our hands and know that He’s close

This is a season where we need to encourage one another
Share the good news to those paralyzed by watching the daily news
Tell them the truth about the one who healed the paralyzed and made them all new
Tell that the things they once trusted in are dust and now we see the proof
With just a whisper of His name, the enemy is gone like poof!

He is sovereign and ruler over all
He is the lion and the lamb, before His throne we fall
He is the great healer and saviour who came to save us all
He is God, and this virus is our wakeup call

So, draw near. Speak against fear.
Surrender your lives to Him and watch His hand appear
Trust Him with it all because He has full control
He IS the King of Kings and He is STILL reigning on His throne!

Reflection questions:

  • What fears has this pandemic exposed to you? Try spending a few minutes reading a psalm of praise and reflecting on God’s greatness, power, love, and mercy. Then, as you bring your fears to Jesus, ask Him to help you see them in perspective to who He is.
  • Can you think of someone who’s lonely, or struggling with isolation or fear, perhaps more than you are? What is one simple act you can do to encourage them or let them know you’re there for them?
  • Is God asking you to “live slow” in this time? What does that look like? What needs to change in your daily/weekly structure to make that happen?
  • We have no idea when this pandemic will be fully over and life will return to normal. What has the Lord been teaching you during the pandemic? How will your perspective or actions change when this is over?

Draw Near – Production Credits:

Music production by Trevor DeMaere
Vocals Recorded at Witness the Light Music Studio in Edmonton
Instrumental mixed by Halle Barrantes at Witness the Light Music Studio


Andrew has been writing and rapping since he was in elementary school. In Grade 9, he began writing Christ-focused songs and performing at youth groups and churches. Andrew’s music is about real-life issues such as world events, personal struggles, and his faith. He is happy being himself and reporting on the world around him as he sees it, which is goes by the stage name The Journalist. Andrew is known for his on-the-spot freestyle rap which he uses interactively with audiences of all ages. He uses powerful and authentic words to spread a message of hope, love, and warning to a world in desperate need of Jesus Christ.