Want new recommendations for books, podcasts, or other resources that will nourish your soul? Check each issue to see what the LIM team has been reading and listening to. 

Katie Pezzutto:
Jesus by James Martin

Not only is the cover of this book stunning, the contents take the reader on a journey of getting to know Jesus in His cultural context. Martin takes insight from historical scholarship and applies it to our modern context in profound ways. It’s an incredible read for anyone interested in getting to know the person of Jesus better. 

Mark Stewart:
Bridgetown Daily Podcast

This podcast is an invitation to be still. To reflect. To remember. It isn’t a sermon or a lecture, it’s a weekday guide and reminder of who God is and who you are in light of the Spirit being with you. You belong here and peace is with you.

Past episodes I’ve really connected with are: 135. Reflection on Psalm 139 (February 25, 2021) and 144. Striking The Rock (March 10, 2021). Listen and learn more.

Ilana Reimer:
Dwell Scripture audio app

Would listening to Scripture, instead of only reading it, allow you to absorb its truths more regularly throughout the day? That’s the purpose behind Dwell, a beautifully-designed audio Bible app. Currently, it has several readers and five different Bible translations available. 

I’ve started listening while I drink my tea each morning, and I find I’m immersed in the stories differently than while reading. It expands my daily rhythms; now I can also take in Scripture while walking or washing the dishes. I still love reading the Bible, but this new habit has been refreshing.