Want new recommendations for books, podcasts, or other resources that will nourish your soul? Check each issue to see what the LIM team has been reading and listening to. 

Mark Stewart:
Indigenous Canada course by the University of Alberta 

Why are truth and reconciliation so important? What historical events and decisions led to where we are today with Indigenous relations in Canada? Why does this matter to me as a Christian in Canada?

Lots of questions like these led me to exploring ways I could learn more about Indigenous people in Canada and why there is a need for truth and reconciliation. There was a lot I didn’t know, and a lot I’m still learning. I found Indigenous Canada was a really good resource for beginning to understand Canadian history from an Indigenous perspective. The class is a free 12-lesson online course hosted through Coursera. It’s jam-packed full of information. Each lecture is about an hour, and you can complete the course at your own pace.

Tip: for $60, you can get a certificate for this course. Some workplaces will pay for it as a personal development expense.

Ilana Reimer:
Theology of the Body Institute

This ministry offers resources devoted to studying the Theology of the Body, an extensive work by Pope John Paul II that delves into humanity’s origin, purpose, what makes us happy, and what to do with all our desires. I found these works to be so helpful in unpacking what it means to live an embodied faith. John Paul II takes fleshy realities like periods, sex, eating, working and playing and beautifully connects them to our relationship with our Creator.