Written by J.M. Bergman

Stillness is where
my soul will find rest—
Where I choose quiet intimacy,
and realize
fear of loss cannot threaten me
as much as I once thought.

Experiencing peace this deep 
is to understand this temporary world 
has limited truths to offer me—
releasing my pain and all it holds,
and holding of no importance 
the ways I have been wronged.

Then like a raindrop diving into the sea
peace ripples out, 
spreading infinitely.
On and on it goes, till it reaches the shore,
gracing every drop it touches,
whispering that we were made 
for more than this.

So breathe.
Find silence and be still.
The God of wonders is waiting to sing 
a song of peace over your parched soul.
And when stillness becomes your body’s home,
He will.

Nurturing stillness toolkit

Try to cultivate stillness in your life daily. Here are some suggestions for doing so.

  • Breathe in as you count to three. Breathe out as you count to four. Repeat ten times. 
  • Read a novel. I recommend Ted Dekker’s novels on identity and peace, The 49th Mystic and Rise of the Mystics. I’ve found them to be incredibly transformational in reminding me who I am as a Christian.
  • Self-massage your hands and feet. 
  • Write your thoughts down once a day.
  • Listen to soft music or nature sounds before bed.