You Are Enough is a 30-day devotional designed to help Christians find freedom in Christ from self-condemnation, shame, and guilt. The daily meditations guide readers to become more attuned to Jesus and more aware of their inner thoughts. The book argues that by learning to accept God’s love for us we’ll become better able to love others as well.

Jonathan Puddle is a writer, speaker, and host of an interview show called The Puddcast. This book was sparked by his journey of healing from past trauma and discovering his identity as a beloved child of God. You Are Enough uses techniques from HeartSync Ministries, a Christian inner healing ministry founded by the Anglican priest Father Andrew Miller. It also draws on psychotherapy methods such as Internal Family Systems.

Some readers will gain a lot from the book’s descriptions of how our brains work and process events. Others will appreciate how the meditations in each chapter speak to our subconscious emotions. Reading the book can be an interactive experience; each meditation is available in video and audio format on Jonathan’s website (

Overall, this book offers a valuable exploration into the lies we believe about our self-worth and how God views us. In writing the book, Jonathan was clearly unpacking some of the teachings he’d grown up with. The resulting work adds another dimension to nuanced conversations about what it means to be broken yet forgiven humans.

The book rightly pushes back against certain extreme (and harmful) Christian teachings that describe humans as worthless sinners. You Are Enough places a beautiful emphasis on our God-given value as beloved image-bearers. Yet in the process, the book risks implying we are primarily victims of our circumstances. It describes sin as the result of self-protective instincts that inadvertently cause us and others pain. It also brushes over the historic Christian belief that humans have a moral obligation to God and His just response to our evil.

However, I don’t think this should demerit the book. After all, its focus is on recognizing God’s deep compassion for us. Jonathan reminds us that Christ can help us adopt this same compassion for ourselves. It can be restorative to dwell on God’s forgiveness. And learning how our brains react to our broken world can encourage us. We aren’t alone in our struggles, nor are we meant to face them individually. For those who have been wounded by insensitive Christian teaching or unresolved trauma, this book may be a healing balm.

You Are Enough invites reflection, prayer, and further conversation. Jonathan’s warm, empathetic style is encouraging and kind throughout. Take your time, ready slowly, and see what healing God has in store for you.

You Are Enough is available on Amazon. $21.77 (e-book $4.99).