Written by Katie Pezzutto

As a little girl, I found my dog’s paws fascinating. Every line was a journey to be had, a river to follow, a pathway to explore and marvel in. On balmy summer days when there was nothing else for me to do, Senor Pedro, my beloved canine, would close his big wet eyes and let me lose myself in the journey. 

Even as a little girl, I understood Pedro’s paws were an intricate piece of art woven by a powerful Master Artist, and I was enraptured with the idea of knowing this Creator more. If God cared about something as simple as my puppy’s feet, God must concern himself with my heart. Because of this, telling Him how awesome He is (worship) only made sense. 

Fast forward a couple of decades. I carry the same fascination for the Lord’s creation, but it is often weighed down by expectations, tasks, and to-do lists. I’m often more concerned with cleaning my cat’s litter box and moving on to making lunch than sitting there studying the explosion of colour in his calculating gaze. Because of my inclination towards busyness and distraction, I lose sight of the beauty everywhere in the universe. 

These past couple months, I’ve been leaving my phone at home when I go on walks. I’ve been slowing down and letting myself take a longer, scenic route as opposed to blazing through and getting back to work.

Slowing down is a discipline, but one that is required if we want to deepen our relationship with the Creator.

Like any relationship, it only grows if we give it attention. And God, like any artist, is thrilled when we take the time to admire His handiwork. 

In light of this, whenever I am inclined to speed through my walks (I mean, sometimes it needs to be done—but not always) I take a breath, slow down, and remind myself to view God as an artist. Every time I smell a flower, smile at another human, or watch the stars align above the ocean, I am admiring something God spent time developing and is proud of.

Take time to slow down today. Pet your cat, linger with a friend just to enjoy their presence, or hold your spouse’s hand a little longer than usual. Thank the Lord for the beauty He created and let yourself bask in the goodness that is God. 

”Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, who alone does wondrous things. Blessed be his glorious name forever; may his glory fill the whole earth. Amen and Amen” (Psalm 72:18-19, NRSV).