Written by Zammie King

The church is more than a building 
where we sing songs about the cross, 
grab a seat, 
hear a lesson, 
drive off,
and sit unscathed in the pews next week.

The church is us.

The world is getting darker; 
we cannot afford to settle for 
nominal Christianity anymore. 
He is knocking on our doors and 
it is time to answer. 
Time to have His words be more than anthems 
ushered in desperation on Sunday mornings. 

It is time for us to live the word 
written in our hearts 
and quit being like the older brother— 
for though He didn’t run off like the prodigal 
his soul was just as dead. 

What good is a candle that has no fire? 
What good is a light that cannot illuminate darkness? 
What good is a church so comfortable in its old ways 
it is unwilling to change?

Hearts are hurt, 
souls are lost. 
It is time for us to not just attend
but become the church.