Written by K.A.R.
For my Dad

There is a boy here
Who has five
Barley loaves and two fish,
But what are they
For so many?

There is a girl here
Who has some
Abilities and gifts,
But what are they
Against so much?

There is a God here 
Who takes them,
Gives thanks for even these,
And uses them

The story of feeding five thousand people as John tells it is an absolute favourite of my Dad’s. He relates a lot to that kid who didn’t know that bringing his lunch was going to be significant at all, but was still willing to give Jesus what he had. 

Once, while my parents were teaching English in Kyrgyzstan, the family of a girl politely offered a bribe so she could pass her skill level in the course. Instead, my Mom offered to tutor her for free. As they worked together, this girl hung out with our family and babysat my brother. One time, my parents even nursed her when she got sick.

Eventually, she passed the course. Years later, when they heard her testimony of coming to Christ, Mom and Dad found out about their impact in the life of a woman who, though still bad at English, was being used powerfully by God. 

When you get down to it, my parents have impacted me the most in how they follow that same principle. They are always growing. Day by day they move forward, giving what they have to God.