Written by Abbi Ayers

Over that last 4 months, I’ve attended Youth With a Mission Muskoka where I’m completing a Discipleship Training School. In this time, I have come to know God’s love in a deep way. I have allowed Him to mend and renew my heart.

God-fearing Men

In my life, I have experienced situations that caused me to fear men. This is closing me off from vulnerable relationships with guys. God has allowed this season to be used to bring safe, God-fearing men into my life. I went through a healing process as Holy Spirit let my view on male relationships begin to be renewed.

As I was vulnerable about my past and spoke about situations I hadn’t talked about before, I began to see the change God was doing in me as I started building healthy relationships with men at YWAM Muskoka. It was a place where I knew I could trust and be loved by God through them.

Discipleship Training

Over the Christmas break, I saw how God had restored not just some of my relationships, but all of them. While home, my brother and I were able to start our relationship over as it was renewed by the grace of God. God taught me how to see the men in my life with renewed eyes and heart for them. Having the staff at YWAM to continually encourage me to go deeper with God and trust in His word taught me how to heal with Jesus. For anyone seeking to grow in their relationship with God, I highly recommend a Discipleship Training School to help you grow deeper in the Lord.