Written by Joel Gordon

Important Message:

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from depression, having thoughts of suicide, or is facing a mental health crisis, we suggest seeking professional help. Love Is Moving magazine does not offer advice from medical experts or professional counsellors. However, we recognize the need for more safe spaces to nurture conversations around mental health awareness, to unearth related stigmas, and to explore the complex dynamics between faith and mental health.

When my son came home this summer with excruciating pain in his arm after falling off his skateboard, I didn’t hesitate to jump into the car to bring him to the hospital. I prayed that his arm would heal fully and that the pain would subside, fully believing that God could heal him. X-rays revealed a buckle fracture in his arm that would require a splint to be worn for a few weeks.

When my son went to school, it was clearly visible that something was wrong with his arm. His friends knew not to play roughly with him, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to play any sports for a few weeks. Nobody questioned his pain. Nobody denied he needed time to heal. He was supported by his family and friends.

Pain and injury from mental health challenges are just as real as a fractured arm. While the cause of the pain may not show up on an x-ray or blood test, that shouldn’t diminish the consideration we show toward people living with anxiety, depression, or mental health illnesses.

As followers of Jesus, we know God can bring healing to all areas of brokenness in our lives. While we lean into God’s power to heal, we also need to seek God’s wisdom for a pathway to healing. Our prayer for you is that God reveals more of His peace, love, and wisdom to you as we journey together in His great plan of restoration.